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Our expert team will list, market and sell a house faster and easier – all for a $5000 flat fee at closing.

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Why pay more to sell a house if you can pay a low flat fee? With Adepta you pay only U$5000* regardless of the value of your property.

Only pay a low flat fee when you sell

Regardless of the sales value of your property, you will only have to pay a low flat fee of U$5000 to Adepta Realty in the day of the closing, and you will still take advantage of the complete service that is part of our sales process, with the same quality and professionalism.

With Adepta Realty you can sell a house and save thousands of dollars because you will only pay a low flat fee, no matter the sale price. 

Sell a house with Adepta Realty!

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How it Works


Enter the address of the property you wish to sell in the field below to receive a free valuation.


Adepta will analyze the data and contact you to schedule a visit to your property. During the visit, our Agent will analyze your property, consider possible improvements and seek all the fundamental information for a fitter valuation.

5-Real estate

 Your property will be advertised with complete information, such as property details, professional photos, location in the best marketing platforms.


With your listing live for thousands of buyers, our Agents will be available to guide you through the process, answer questions, and handle potential buyers from beginning to the end.

Receive a free valuation of your property

Why We’re Better Than Traditional Brokers




$5000 flat fee + 3% buyer’s broker

6% average commission

Professional photos

Professional photos not included

Multilingual Full Service and Support via Phone, Email and WhatsApp

Limited Service and Support provided in only one language

Professional follow-up throughout the process

Lack of imperative follow-up

Full knowledge of the laws for foreigners and more than 10 years of experience in the American Real Estate Market

Lack of knowledge of laws for foreigners

Free analysis of your property and valuation of improvements

Effective marketing


If a renovation is needed to sell your house for the highest price possible, Adepta Realty will help you take care of it and you’ll only pay at closing.

Adepta Realty have partnered with a specialized company in pre-sale home improvements, focused on renovations that will deliver value when the house is on the market.

Using proprietary technology, ROI-focused renovations, and a pay-at-closing business model to deliver exceptional results for selling homeowners.


Enter your home’s estimated property value.
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This calculator does not intend to replace a professional estimate.


What does ADEPTA charge?

When selling your home, Adepta charges a flat fee of $5,000 paid at close.

In either case, you’ll receive a fantastic, full-service real estate brokerage experience.

I'm selling my home, so why do I have to offer 3% commission to the buyer's broker?

If you do not offer 3% commission to buyer’s brokers, the unfortunate truth is that your home will not be shown as often as it should. While offering 3% commission is not required, Adepta only works with sellers who are willing to offer 3% commission. In our experience, not doing so results in listing that tends to be discriminated against.

So what's the catch?

There isn’t one. Adepta is making 10-year anniversary and we want you to be part of this celebration.

What is included in your fee?

As a seller, we use our pricing process to expertly (and correctly) price your home, analyses your property for any improvements, take professional photos, market the home via the MLS and websites (including Zillow/Trulia/Realtor.com), manage showings and offers, and see the transaction through to title.

Does my house have to be qualified and ready before listed for showings?

Yes. We will guide you the best way to make sure your house is right and ready for showings. We do not want you to have your house for sale in the market if is not in the right conditions, so you do not lose any potential buyer for other listings.

If I'm selling my house, is the first meeting (listing presentation) free? Are you sure I don't have to sign something?

Yes, it’s free. One of our fantastic agents will meet you in your house with our expertly-crafted valuation. No, you don’t have to sign anything.

If I’m selling my house with you, does my agent go to all the showings?

No. If Adepta is representing you to sell your home, your Adepta Listing Agent will not be at showings. She/he will follow up actively with all agents who show your home to get their feedback.

If an unrepresented buyer wants to see your home, we will designate a Adepta Buyer’s Agent to show the home.

How long is the listing agreement?

A listing agreement with Adepta is generally 6 months. It may be longer for homes that are over $1,000,000, as they tend to have a higher average number of days on market.

What is a “side?”

In every real estate transaction there is a buyer (the “buy side”) and a seller (the “sell side”). With that in mind, there are two “sides” in every real estate transaction. Traditional real estate agents usually charge 3% commission per side, paid at close, for a total of 6% commission.

Do I have to pay anything up front?

No. Adepta only earns a fee when the home sale or purchase is successfully closed.

Are there any extra fees?

No. If you decide to stage your home or make any improvement, this it will be your choice of extra expense.

Is a yard sign included?

Yes, if permitted by the Association.

Is an electronic key box included?

Yes. Only state-licensed, fingerprinted, and background checked real estate agents may access the key boxes.

Is Adepta a member of the MLS?

Yes. Adepta Realty is a member of the MLS in Central Florida and South Florida.

Who is your licensed broker?

Allan Kardosh (license # BK3219844) is our broker in the state of Florida. He has been licensed since 2004 and has been a broker for over 2,000 home transactions.

Are Adepta’ s agents licensed real estate agents?

Yes. We are all real estate agents licensed by the Florida Real Estate Commission.

What is the importance of renovating my house for sale?

The condition of a home is one of the most critical drivers of its sale price. Most buyers are looking for “move-in ready” homes, hoping to avoid the stress and expense of fixing up a property after purchase. Homes that are outdated or in need of repair tend to sit on the market, attract low-ball offers from flippers, and eventually sell for well under fair market value.

Nevertheless, many homeowners don’t renovate their homes before listing, assuming it will be too overwhelming, too expensive or take too long. They dread the process of finding a reputable contractor, selecting materials, and coming up with the cash to pay for it all. Instead, they list their home in its current condition, drastically reducing their potential proceeds and lengthening their time on market.

What is the difference between a traditional home improvement, and this specialized company?

Traditional Home Improvement

  • Cash or credit required upfront
  • Risk investing in renovations that don’t increase value
  • Vet and hire contractors and hope they meet deadlines

With this specialized company

  • Pay for renovations at settlement
  • Make smart updates, sell for the highest possible price, and make more money
  • Renovate in weeks not months, and let your Project Manager handle everything
Why if I list without renovating?

You will possibly have multiple price reductions and receive low-ball offers where a flipper could buy your home for cheap and turn a huge profit.

Do I need to renovate my house to sell with Adepta?

No, you do not.
Adepta will represent you as a Seller without renovation. You will only renovate your house if you decide is a good deal for you.

How do I start my house renovation?

Estimate will Start by filling out an estimate form or calling a number Adepta will provide to you. After a short conversation with one of their Home Improvement Consultants, they’ll send you an estimate within 24 hours. To prepare for this call, you’ll need to know: After-renovation list price, As-is list price, Amount owed on the property and General idea of necessary renovations. Adepta will help estimating after and before list prices.

Do I need to sign a specific contract for renovation?

Yes, after you agree to the scope of work.  When the contract is executed, they’ll start the renovation work within 5-7 business days. They’ll file a deed of trust to ensure that they’re paid for this work at closing.

How long will take to complete the renovation?

We all want to get the house on the market quickly (just like you do!) so they complete their projects within 3-8 weeks. Your Project Manager will handle everything including ordering materials, managing subcontractors, and scheduling deliveries. Your Project Manager will also keep you informed and updated throughout the renovation.

When my house will be listed for sale?

You’ll list the property with Adepta within 5 days of project completion. Based on the terms of your contract with this company, we must agree to reduce the list price by 2% if the home is not under contract within 30 days—and an additional 2% every 30 days thereafter.

How do I pay for the renovation?

Your title company will pay them for their renovations through the proceeds of the sale at settlement.

A Hassle-Free Renovation

From virtual walkthroughs to pay-at-settlement business model, this company has streamlined home renovation so that it’s fast and easy for homeowners.

This specialize service allows homeowners to flip their own homes with our turnkey pre-sale renovations. Their turnkey solution eliminates the stress, hassles, and upfront costs of renovations.

We know the market and they know renovation, creating a homeowner’s dream team. Let’s work together!

Our Team

Allan Kardosh

Principal Broker & Owner of Adepta Realty

As Adepta´s real estate broker for over a decade, he goes above and beyond to exceed his client´s expectations and make their experience the best moment of their lives. His superior knowledge base and contract-negotiating skills, combined with his far-reaching network of residential builders, bankers, investors, attorneys, and other real estate services providers ensure the results his clients demand at great standards, and had him awarded in the 2014´s Major Achievements Award.

Ellen Vic Kardosh

CEO & Owner of Adepta Realty


Ellen combines an extensive background in real estate development, finance, asset management and operations management, as well as expanding business partnership on a national and international level. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that expectations of every client are not only met, but exceeded every time.

Disclaimer: Not intended as soliciting if your property is already listed by another broker. Free evaluation is an estimate only.
All rights reserved. Flat fee of U$5000.00 does not include buyer’s agent 3% commission. This offer is valid for residential properties in Florida only. Subject to terms and conditions, call for details. Adepta Realty is a registered trademark of Dominium Realty Group LLC. Licensed in the state of Florida.