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How to protect your family and home for the hurricane season

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Find out what you need to do to protect your home for Florida’s hurricane season with the advice of Adepta Realty and keep your family and property safe.

Every year, during this period, Florida faces a season in which it can be hit by hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, floods and other weather events.

We know that many have home insurance to help them recover from the damage caused by the hurricane season, but with the right care it is possible to keep your family safe and your property protected.

How to protect your family and home during a hurricane

Adepta Realty’s team of professionals has prepared a list of what we can do to protect your family and home for the hurricane season:


When a storm hits, the last place you want to be is outside, so find a place to stay protected during the hurricane.

Places like inside the bathroom bathtub located in the center of the house, under the stairs or the basement are good options to wait for the storm to pass.

Evacuation routes

Where appropriate, local authorities will provide information on evacuation routes through the media.

But these routes are usually available anytime online. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with these routes before a storm occurs, so that you know where to go.

Protect your car

If you do not follow one of the evacuation routes with your car, the ideal is to find a safe place to store it, parking the vehicle indoors or in a space far from potential sources of damage (debris, etc.).

Elevation Level

Look for information about the elevation level of your property to prepare and prevent filth, damage and loss of your property, whether material or sentimental.

Keep landscaping under control

Well-trimmed trees and shrubs are more resistant to wind, preventing them from flying out and hitting cars, houses or other people during the storm.

Protect your home windows

Have materials in hand to protect and seal your windows, from the simplest options such as adhesive tapes and tarpaulins, to boards and plywood that are much more resistant.

Get everything ready by cutting these boards in advance or plywood to fit your window spaces and keep them ready so you can use them at the right time.

Stay tuned and get ready!

Prepare a stock of groceries that can last for at least 72 hours, with water and food that can be easily prepared, as well as basic supplies like flashlights, candles and a first aid kit.

Don’t wait until it’s time to evacuate to realize that you don’t have enough fuel, so keep at least half a full tank, as stations are often closed during emergencies.

And don’t forget to follow the main communication vehicles to find out about the proximity of the storm, evacuation routes and other ways to protect your family, home and property.

By preparing in advance, it is possible to be ready to face a storm in the best possible way.

To get you and your family started on planning, visit FloridaDisaster.org/GetAPlan.

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