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How to sell your house in the United States

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Learn the best ways to sell your house in the United States

Selling a property may seem like an easy activity, but it needs the help of a qualified professional to help you achieve your goal.

When you decide to sell a house in the United States, there are a few steps to achieving a successful negotiation in the shortest time and with the best profitability.

The first step is to choose a trusted Real Estate Broker to advise you through every step of the process and seek the best results in selling your property.

They will be responsible for market analysis able to find the value of your property, determined by the study based on location, valuation, condition, finishes and year of construction, and consider the size, number of rooms, bathrooms and extension of the lot.

The broker will also be responsible for registering the property in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) system, which is used to list the availability of homes in the United States and can be consulted by other brokers looking for properties for their respective clients and often integrated with major search portals such as Realtor and Zillow, and use strategies to promote and value your property.

Prepare to sell your house in United States

Your broker will also be able to list the improvements you need to value your property, being them renovations, painting, repairs to improve the look of the house and changes to the decoration if the cost benefit of this transformation improves your profits.

While the house is undergoing renovations, the seller must fulfill contractual obligations to the bank, expenses related to the property, such as water and electricity, and will need to organize all necessary documentation in the formalization of the sale, usually with the advice of his broker.

Once the home is ready, the real estate broker will initiate the disclosure of the property and will make scheduled visits with interested parties to buy your home in the United States, following all the proposals received.

Almost there!

Fortunately, after a few rounds of negotiations with your broker’s advisory, the deal will be sealed and you have finally sold your home in the United States, but the process is not over yet.

Usually expenses with the broker’s commission average 6% on the value of the sale of the property, reducing its profitability.

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