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How to be Successful investing in the United States

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Find out how to get it right when choosing the best investment options in the United States

The American economy is one of the largest in the world, constantly growing, stabilized and emerging as one of the most attractive for those who want to invest.

With the government’s estimated growth of over 3% per year, the US economy surprises not only by achieving one of the lowest unemployment rates in recent years, such as increased US purchasing power, infrastructure investments and construction.

These economic results achieved by the United States in recent years are so encouraging that the country has become the perfect scenario for those who want to invest. One of the main destinations for Brazilians who are looking for new ways to diversify their investments, increase their profitability, secure a financial reserve for the future or even their retirement.

Especially for those who find it difficult to find investment opportunities in Brazil due to the economic uncertainty that the country is experiencing in recent years.

This is proven by the Central Bank when it finds that in the last 10 years investments abroad have doubled, reaching almost US $500 billion that left Brazil to be invested in other countries, with the United States as the main destination.

Best Investments in the United States

One of the best strategies for investing successfully is to invest your money in rising or evolving market options such as ETFs and the housing market, economists’ main bets for 2019 and the next few years.

Index Funds – ETFs, a basket of securities similar to Mutual Funds, traded as individual stocks and focused on a specific class or sector. They are interesting to those accustomed to the stock market.

While the Real Estate Market is the gateway for investors interested in investing their money in the United States, mainly because of the simplicity and ease of entering this segment and finding options with the best rates of return.

According to Allan Kardosh, owner of Orlando’s Adepta Realty Real Estate, success in investing in the US Real Estate Market will depend on the strategy and where you intend to invest your money, with the help of qualified professionals to find the best opportunities and make your investment more and more rentable.

Florida, the best place to invest

The state of Florida is the tourist paradise of the United States and the premier destination for more than 100 million tourists visiting the state each year, motivated to know its theme parks, beaches, entertainment options and to share the quality of life with its inhabitants.

These are reasons why Florida has also attracted investors from the local Real Estate Market, interested in investing and purchasing Vacation Homes, also known as Short term rentals, to monetize them by meeting the growing demand for lodging options by tourists, as well as commercial and residential real estate.

“Orlando is a paradise of opportunity. The city receives more than 70 million tourists annually, a number that grows each year as well as its constant investments to make the city increasingly attractive and responsive. Increasing the chances of success and profitability of your investment. ” Says Allan Kardosh of Adepta Realty.

An important opinion for those who want to invest, after all Allan Kardosh has more than ten years of experience in the real estate market, where he was awarded for the quality of his service and moved millions of dollars in transactions.

In Orlando, you can find great opportunities from Real Estate Residences for those who want to live or vacation, Commercial for those who want to start a business or rent to other businesses, or Vacation Homes for those who want to get a financial return by hosting tourists.

The important thing is to find qualified professionals to find the best real estate options for you, considering your strategy or need, take care of important stages of your investment, such as contracts, documentation, financing and insurance, and who will manage the property.

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