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The best return on investment in Real Estate in Florida

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Discover the best strategies for buying a property in the United States and get the best return on investment in Real Estate.

The dream of home ownership lives within everyone. Possibly because we learned from our parents that investing in real estate is essential for those who want to develop a stable financial life, advice that they also inherited from their ancestors.

Regardless of social class, parents often teach their children that saving is necessary to invest in the future, usually for the purchase of their own home.

Over time, children who have spent years saving grow and with them savings and the desire to turn their goal into reality.

But in order not to waste the savings achieved, it is necessary to analyze and discover the ideal property and where to invest.

Where is it better to invest in real estate?

The first step for those who want to buy a house is to define what the purpose of the property will be, whether this will be their new address or whether they intend to use it as an investment.

If this property is used for housing, it is recommended to search for properties that meet expectations without extrapolating the budget, usually located in the vicinity or region where the new owner resides.

And even with the housing deficit in Brazil present in the latest IBGE reports, there are opportunities for everyone.

But those who wish to invest can expand their possibilities, opportunities and horizons, being able to choose the best return on investment in Real Estate in Brazil or in the United States, especially if the investor wants to maximize his profitability.

Florida: the best investment in real estate in the USA

According to data from the last American Census, Florida has become one of the most important regions of the economy, being the second fastest growing state in the United States, mainly motivated by agriculture and tourism.

To give you an idea, today Florida’s imposing economy ranks 17th in the world ranking of GPD with a gross domestic product exceeding US $ 1 trillion, surpassing countries like Indonesia and Turkey alone.

Tourism is a major contributor to this result, contributing more than $ 120 billion to Florida’s gross domestic product, and also why more than 125 million people land in the state each year to live or visit.

“Tourism has turned Florida into the perfect opportunity for those looking to invest in real estate abroad, as the state is one of the few places in the world where there is a lucrative and growing demand for long and short term rentals.” Says Allan Kardosh, owner of Adepta Realty in Orlando.

And the real estate market in Florida not only meets the demand for tourists only, after all the state receives thousands of people moving to the state every week, there are more than 1300 families a week if we consider only the city of Orlando.

Where to find the best return on investment in real estate in Florida

Florida, in addition to being one of the fastest growing states in the United States, also offers great options for those who wants to find the best return on investment in real estate.

As one of the main tourist destinations in the world, Orlando offers an estimated appreciation of more than 3% and is one of the best options, followed by cities like Sarasota, Tampa, Clearwater and Kissimmee.

With these cities in mind, the next step is to define the objective of the property invested. Whether this will be for fixed or short-term rentals for tourists, known as “Vacation Homes”.

When it comes to fixed or long-term rental properties, Orlando regions like Celebration, Dr. Phillips, Lake Nona, Windermere and Winter Garden stand out for offering highly qualified schools, mobility, quality of life and security.

While the profitability of “Vacation Homes” varies according to the distance from the main tourist spots and theme parks, with the structure offered by the house and leisure options in the vicinity of the property.

But as not all regions of Florida allow short-term rentals, the cities of Kissimmee, Clearmont and Davenport are the best options.

According to Ellen Victoria, CEO of Adepta Realty, the choice of the property and its location are determining factors in the return on investment in real estate, whether in Brazil or the United States, and it will be up to the qualified broker chosen by the investor to analyze the profile and needs to then offer the perfect option.

Experience and competence offered by Adepta Realty for more than a decade gained with extensive knowledge of the real estate market to provide complete advice on buying or selling real estate in Florida.

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